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September 14, 2013
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Tsukishima Ringo [Hoshino High Application] by KairiLy Tsukishima Ringo [Hoshino High Application] by KairiLy

My App for Hoshino Gakuen
I haven't join an RP group in like forever!!
RPing is not my strength so please bare with me though RPs


Name: Ringo Tsukishima (Given name is Ringo)

Age: 15 (first-year)

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O

Height: 5'4//163 cm

Weight: 123 lb//56 kg

Birthday: October 18th

Specialty: Still life art, Realism

Sub-Specialty (optional): Archery

Voice: Sawashiro Miyuki… (0:04-0:35)

Personality: Ringo always has a smile on her face. She's always calm in different situations. Always willing to help others in need. She never shows sadness or anger or any feeling of despair. Her smile is always in place to keep people from seeing her weakness(If she actually has any). She's always cheering people up and making people laugh. The only time she shows anger or sadness is when she's with her older brother, which is not often since her brother is always out of town on business trips
(But who knows maybe she'll open up to another person soon) :iconstudmuffinplz:
(Kinda like Kyoko Sasagawa from KHR minus the bits of displaying sadness)…

Ringo is very passionate about nature. She loves being surrounded by nature and all of its inhabitants(animals).

Preferred Activities: Archery,drawing, calligraphy, sight seeing, traveling, get togethers/floor plans, etc.

Likes: Apples(hence the name ringo-apple in Japanese), nature, animals(especially koi fish), sweets(especially Mochi),

Dislikes: sour candy(especially sour patch), littering, Jarring sounds; screemo or metal songs, technology (cars, phones etc.)

Ringo first got her name by her mother, who loves apples. Ringo was born in Kyoto. She has one older brother, and older sister who moved to America to study abroad. Ringo's parents died when she was around 2 years old so has no memory of them what so ever; her parents were hit by a car because the driver was using his phone while driving. When Ringo's sibling told her about this, she began to despise technology, however since technology is essential in some ways she still uses it, but tries not to when it isn't necessary for example walking or biking instead of cars and buses and not owning a cellphone.

Ringo sees her older siblings as her main guardians and looks to them for advice and protection. Her older brother (age 20 when Ringo was 2), Yuki is a successful business man who travels around Japan for work. Ringo and her siblings moved to Tokyo so that her brother would have an easier time accessing trains to go to different parts of Japan. Her older sister(age 10 when Ringo was 2), Sakura is in America studying to become a business women. Unlike her siblings, Ringo doesn't want to study the path of business. Instead, she walks along the path of arts and creativity.

Her major is still life, although she wishes to be able to use imagination to create different drawings instead of staring at a figure and drawing it. After moving to Tokyo(a few months before enrolling), Ringo learned about Hoshino Gakuen, the academy well known for Arts. She asked her brother to let her attend Hoshino Gakuen, and after much begging and pleading. Her brother gave into her desires and allowed her to attend Hoshino Gakuen.

Extra info: Back in Kyoto, Ringo spent her time in the forest behind her house, experiencing nature and seeing all the animals in it. All the kids referred to her as nature freak or fruit girl(her name is apple), so she didn't associate much with other kids. In her house at Kyoto, there was a man made pond in her houses front yard. Ringo always observed the koi fish swimming around the pond and created a deep passion for koi fish. Ringo always wanted to capture the fishes, but being in koi being a fish, it couldn't come out of the water without dying.

Ringo often saw pictures and images of koi fish in her school books, but to her they were not as real and beautiful as the real koi fishes were. Most of the images were cartoon drawings or ink brush drawings of koi fish. Ringo decided to try and draw koi fish herself. Her first attempt was a failure and she crumpled the paper. She kept trying and trying, frustrated with ever failure. At times she would cry at all the failures and stop drawing for as long as a month, but would always reattempt to draw the koi fishes. Starting to draw at age 5 she finally achieved her "perfect" capture moment of the koi fishes at age 11. For 6 years, she drew nothing but koi fishes. Her brother and sister had secretly kept every single drawing she crumpled up and collected up to 4000 pages of koi drawings. After achieving her perfect koi drawing, the koi fishes in the pond died. Ringo decided to take it as a sign that she shouldn't draw koi fishes anymore and hasn't drawn koi fishes ever since. Instead she moved on to drawing other elements of nature such as trees flowers and other animals.

Archery is the only sport Ringo has ever played. Since most other sports requires more then one person and the majority of the time she was alone. She spent most of her summers in Kyoto in her local community center since her brother worked and her sister being at her teenage age hung out with her friends. Ringo's best friend was the old manager of the community center, "Yamada-san" (She never really knew his first name). She would always cling to Yamada-san and follow him when he went around the community center. Yamada-san was good at all the activities in the community center, but particularly in archery. Ringo would always watch intensely whenever Yamada-san was shooting arrows and was always astounded to see him hit a bulls eye almost every time. When she was ten she asked Yamada-san to teach her Archery and Yamada-san agreed. She immediately fell in love with archery, it wasn't like basket ball where there was a lot of yelling and shoving, or like swimming with clashes of raging water. Archery was quiet, calm and took concentration. She practiced and practiced and soon became very skilled in archery. Yamada-san always pushed Ringo to compete in competitions but she always refused because she didn't want to shoot want her archery to put into competitions, she only shot for the love of the sport.

Thank you for reading all of this!

~please help me learn the ways of RPing. This young lad knows almost nothing about rping but would love to learn~
ahh she's so cute <3
alright! time for your app check.
first off, is her last name tsubaki or tsukishima? (though tsubaki is usually a first name(?))
it's different in the info and the app.
also, please remove the black border and make it just a thinner border with rounded edges and a transparent background.
for the backstory, how did her parents die? How did her siblings manage to take care of her? (Were they old enough?) 
how did she get into art and archery?
thanks so much! after, you can ask for another app check or if you feel like everything has been cleared up, just tell us that you've made the changes.
best of luck!
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